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Lower Cholesterol Naturally Without The Cholesterol Lowering Medication Side Effect

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally: The Complete Understanding Of The HDL And LDL Cholesterol Issue And How Does Cholesterol Affect Your Health And Lifestyle


First understand, that cholesterol is a substance our body needs to function normally. Isn’t it a surprice?!? Well, contrary to the popular belief, most of the cholesterol is in fact produced by our own body.

But here is the catch…

If you have too much cholesterol in your body – especially your blood, it can actually harm you.


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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

How Can Cholesterol Harm You?

Simple. High Cholesterol Levels, I am talking about the bad one, can lead to the development of a cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Almost 500,000 of Americans die every single year as a result of coronary heart disease.

How to Lower Cholesterol – Which Cholesterol Needs To Be Lowered?

Physicians actually distinguish between two forms of cholesterol. The so called BAD (LDL) Cholesterol” is the one that can do the damage to our body. However, our blood also contains second form of cholesterol. That one it’s called “GOOD (HDL) Cholesterol”. HDL cholesterol is on the other hand protective against heart disease.

Have Healthy Ratio Between Bad – LDL Cholesterol And Good – HDL Cholesterol And You Are On Your Way Of Reducing Coronary Disease


Is that easy. It is very important you do this. So I suggest you ask your doctor what is your HDL to LDL Cholesterol ratio first.

If your doctor tells you its great, congratulation! And continue what you doing right now. Actually, find out how to improve it. I am sure you can find ways to improve your health and wellness right?

If your doctor tells you the Bad News — do not worry. With great diet and lifestyle changes and cholesterol lowering supplements, you can lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. Thus, improving your HDL to LDL ratio.

Actual customers comments:

I just went to my doctor to have my cholesterol checked again since starting the Lipi-Rite Product, and in the short period I have been taking the Lipi Rite my overall cholesterol has gone from 243 down to 224.
Michelle B, USA  September 25th, 2010


When Lowering Cholesterol, Have These Little Tips On Mind

  • The foods that have strongest impact on cholesterol levels are saturated fats and trans fatty acids.
  • Eat a lot of fiber. Fiber have been shown to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Particularly soluble fiber foods like oat bran and oats. So eat a lot of Quaker!
  • American Heart Association recommends that a cholesterol lowering diet should not exceed 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day.
  • Eat no more than 3 eggs per week. And if, go for the egg whites most of the time. One egg yolk contains approximately 250 milligrams of cholesterol. My advice – stay away from it!

How Serious Are You About Lowering Cholesterol LDL Levels?

Lowering cholesterol is a very serious issue you should not take lightly. You may hear a lot of information on lowering cholesterol. Many doctors can tell you how to lower cholesterol by prescribing you many medication.

Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol are some of the cholesterol reducing drugs. Of course like anything what is approved by FDA and recommended by most doctors, they have some serious side effects.

Please ask doctor for better alternative.

Mainly some great vitamins, supplements and foods you can consume. Many of those have been shown to lower cholesterol levels anywhere from 14% to 29%. That is more then lipitor, zocor and any other cholesterol lowering drugs.

Of course, if there is no other alternative and your doctor has prescribed you Lipitor — go with your doctor advice. You can always take lipitor and do herbal remedies as ads on. You can for example start by applying some “easy low cholesterol food recipes”. And of course eat foods that lower cholesterol. Access some fat free low cholesterol recipes in our section free diet for low cholesterol.

If you are on diet, trying to lose weight or overcoming obesity, stay away from high fat, low carb diets. By doing so you actually are eating a lot of foods that are high in cholesterol.

Please, do yourself a big favor and change you diet.

Some comments from actual customers:

Doctors don’t know about supplements so, I will continue to take this. of course I watch what I eat also go on the treadmill for half an hour everyday if I can. I am 67 years old and I don’t take any pills at all. I weight 119.
Sharon J, USA  June 18th, 2010

Try Zone Diet, Weight Watchers or Low Glycemic Index Diets. They contain foods good for lowering cholesterol and work very well for long term, healthy and safe weight loss.

Did You Know That Less Than 35% of Americans Are Lowering Their Cholesterol Levels?

Yep. And that is why I took my passion for healthy lifestyle, fitness expertise and education to create this information on reducing cholesterol levels.

The goal of this little website is to educate you on any option when trying to alleviate cholesterol. And it starts with you!

I do not want you to be among the other 65% of Americans and do nothing about reducing high cholesterol level.

Did You Know That High Levels Of LDL “Bad Cholesterol” Is One Of The Marker For Cardiovascular Disease Or Heart Disease?

Isn’t your heart health important to you? Well without the heart, you cannot function. Even if your LDL cholesterol level is in the norm, do not abuse your heart.

What are the other two major markers for cardiovascular disease – or commonly known as a heart disease?


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Other Markers Used By Health Care Professionals Regards To Heart Disease

Other then high Cholesterol, doctors usually look for Blood Lipids Levels, Homocysteine Levels and C-Reactive Protein.

All three are the factors you should look after very carefully. Ask your doctor what are your values of those factors.

For more information on these, visit the section on heart health on this website.

What our happy customer says:

I went in last week for another blood test and my cholesterol is down to 196 and triglycerides are down to 122. I do watch what I eat, but have not changed anything drastically. I also have not exercised like I should, so I can honestly say that my results have been attributed to your products.
Teri, US


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